Full Schedule

Below is a detailed schedule of all speaker and poster sessions of the live event on the 14th of May, to be held using Microsoft Teams. We recommend you view this full-screen if possible. You can also find a this schedule as both a chart and written text as a PDF here and as a Word document here.

Time (GMT)Main SessionPoster APoster BPoster CPoster DPoster EPoster F
1030A. GormanC. PerumalD. de PaulisD. Gajjar
1050E. ArmstrongF. OkoyeN. KhanO. Katz
1110R. VenugopalMotaghian & O’BrienS. BentleyW. Dunn
1300Computing, Technology, & Space
1400Space for Society
1540A. GilbertFox & ZuiderduinA. NathA. ShawA. Walker
1600B. BerardB. ShankarC.A. DentonC. FanningD. Spitzberg
1620F. DutraH. S. KimI. PopovaiteJA GrierJ. MolaroP. Prem
1640J. MartucciJ. D. Reina RozoJ. RathbunN. Cabrera SalazarN. Chase
1700Decolonizing Space

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